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Barbara Marx Hubbard

Foundation for Conscious Evolution



Our Hearts Have the Answers (and science is proving it!)

What if the complexity, intensity and chaos we are experiencing in our personal lives, in our communities and in our world, is in fact, for those who choose, the chrysalis of our transformation and emergence as new human beings – living from the conscious evolution of our hearts in order to co-create the dream of healing ourselves, our children and our world?

Imagine there is a computer system for activating that part of your DNA that hardwires you for divinity. Imagine that the hardware is your heart and the software is your ability to experience gratitude, love, joy, and wonder. Once activated, this system gives you maximum speed for connecting with the Universal Internet where the Divine One Heart exists.

Now imagine seven billion people with seven billion hearts and at least seven billion passions. Imagine billions of hearts beating within the Divine One Heart with compassion and shared visions for peace, safety, and abundance for all. If we simply connected with each other and organized ourselves through our common passions, what possibilities might unfold?

After my Near Death Experience in 2003, in a series of deep meditations I received The Grace Process formula for healing. While I “tested” and researched the elements of this formula, I learned that multiple areas of scientific theory and research were emerging to prove what I call the alchemical power of the heart for personal and global healing


Personal and professional healing with The Grace Process

The Grace Process is a 7-step spiritual and somatic based practice for becoming your most authentic, heart-centered self, expanding your professional mastery and stepping into your destiny. This work allows people to heal their own wounds, to be fully present to others who are suffering and to hold a resonance field for miracles to arise from tragedy.

Dr. Leyden has had the privilege of using The Grace Process with thousands of trauma survivors from Rwanda to Newtown, and in between as well as mentoring hundreds of heart-centered healers, leaders, coaches and changemakers.  


Healing ourselves, our children and our world

Inspired by the resilience of orphan genocide survivors she has worked with in Rwanda since 2007, Dr. Leyden founded the non-profit Create Global Healing (CGH) and established Project LIGHT: Rwanda – the world’s first international youth healing, heart-centered leadership and entrepreneurship program.  Project LIGHT is a new form of humanitarian aid nurturing our next generation of young people to heal, work and lead us into a peaceful future.  From December 2012 to December 2015, under the sponsorship of Nick Ortner and The Tapping Solution Foundation, Lori established and led the first US community-based trauma healing program for the survivors of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting tragedy.

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Lori’s books and meditations

The Grace Process Guidebook: a practical guide for transcending our egos to engage the wisdom of our hearts

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My life has forever changed in the most magnificent ways since taking Lori’s course, one of which is that I finally “get” Namaste – …”The God/Goddess Spirit within me recognizes and honors the God/Goddess Spirit within you.”  When you meet Lori, it is no secret that she exudes this other worldly vibe; that from every pore of her body this God/Goddess Spirit is shining through.  Her talent and heart shows through in her ability to guide her mentees to a place where they can see, feel, and begin to live through the divine spirit within them.  She does this with grace, humor and humbleness, sharing her divinity and also her humanness with all.  Lori guided me to a place of interconnection with the universe, the Divine, myself, and others that has enlivened my life and has allowed me to trust and dream in a way I didn’t know was possible.  My gratitude for her, my classmates, and what we all co-created through her class is immense.

A.H. Licensed Social Worker

Being mentored by Lori during her 7-week course was an amazingly transformational experience for which I am very grateful. It allowed me to finally let go of my ego/victim story and move into heartfelt genuine and authentic feelings of gratitude, joy, love and wonder. Embodying the energies of gratitude, love, joy and wonder, rather than just intellectualizing them is necessary for deep personal transformation to occur. My relationship with myself has changed and I now see the love I feel for myself, for others and for life reflected in my reality on a daily basis. It really works!! 

Lori embodies the heart centered leadership that is so needed in the world right now with deep authenticity and a loving strength that can only come through having the courage to be emotionally vulnerable. She holds a beautiful safe, nurturing and encouraging space for others to do the same. If you are ready to let go of your past pain and fully embrace love as your soul purpose and your soul power this is the course for you.

A.B., Intuitive heart centred healing facilitator and artist

After years of inner work, when needing more support to overcome the complex PTSD with which I struggled daily Lori offered a safe forum to explore deeper issues, with the perfect balance of a highly trained mental health practitioner and a wise, intuitive guide, The Grace Process supports reconnection to our innocence, our own spiritual essence and the Divine, to open more often to our natural state of of joy,wonder, gratitude, and love. Along with EFT, which Lori uses with masterful expertise, I had an 85% shift in my severe symptoms.


Being a part of Lori’s course has been an invaluable experience for me. It has brought me a new level of awareness and consciousness.  Lori reminds us that we are born with nature’s most powerful instrument of healing – the gift experiencing grace and forgiveness through our bodies.  She will change your life from healing traumas to loving life and enjoying every miracle. I have gained more confidence in my own abilities o share my life experience to share with others how to use The Grace Process.  I have no words to express my gratitude and love to Lori as she continues in her journey in healing others and transforming their lives.—

B.M., retired Registered Nurse

I signed up for Lori’s course without knowing exactly what it was about. It just felt right. I got into trouble with her direct questions, and had to take a hard look at my life. Week after week things changed and my life is not the same anymore. Lori gives you the tools to heal your life from the inside out, step by step, supporting you all the way with her miracle Grace Process formula and her big heart.

L.T. EFT Life Coach, Switzerland

Immersing myself in The Grace Process came at a time when I didn’t think I had any time to do ‘another course’. It is not possible to articulate all the miracles that continue to flow and the ongoing benefits of following this practice. Lori dives deep in such a gentle, respectful and heartfelt way. This course is for everyone – we need only create the space to do so.

K.H., Director, Mind Heart Connect – Australia

This is a community like no other and I’m so glad I am a part of it. It’s a course that facilitates so much personal growth on a spiritual level, and it’s a course that teaches skills that seem to cultivate the ground for miracles to occur. After 20 years I finally stopped needing my husband to like or love my dad, and this week, it seems letting go of that need has enabled them to connect properly for the first time ever. Feeling grateful, and loved, and joyful. The whole thing is wondrous!

K. F. Advanced EFT Practitioner, Australia  

Lori’s heart-centered approach is both gentle but profoundly deep at helping to release the judgments that hold us back. With this release comes the freedom to step into an expanded heart, filled with love and gratitude ~ the place where miracles can truly happen. If more peace and joy are what you’re seeking this class is for you. 

K.L., Owner, Soothing Touch Wellness


Her current humanitarian work centers on bringing Project LIGHT and her Accelerating Healing and Resilience for the Peacebuilder trainings to communities who need it most around the world.

For more information please visit: www.CreateGlobalHealing.org

Lori is the Executive Producer of When I Was Young I Said I Would Be Happy, a documentary chronicling the inspiring transformation of Project LIGHT Ambassadors. In only two short years they paid forward their healing to hundreds, from Rwanda to Sandy Hook, Connecticut. When I Was Young I Said I Would Be Happy was a film festival selection at Illuminate, Moondance, Unspoken, New York Peace, and lead film and Audience Award Winner at Anima, in Argentina where Dr. Leyden, sponsored by the US Embassy, presented the film to an international audience.



Mind Heart Connect – Melbourne, Australia, March 26-28th, 2021

Lori Leyden, PhD, MBA is an internationally known trauma healing professional, transformational leader and mentor who courageously follows her heart, makes dreams become a reality and inspires others to do the same. With her unique brand of heart-centered humility, humor and grace, Dr. Leyden finds the miracles that are possible out of tragedy and has brought comfort, peace and hope to thousands from Rwanda to Sandy Hook, Connecticut and others around the world. Lori serves trauma survivors as well as heart-centered healers, teachers, coaches, social entrepreneurs and change-makers who are committed to their own healing and yearn for more meaning and impact in their lives, their work and in our world.

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